Schedule of Fines

Court Fines
  • Speeding 10 m.p.h. or less over limit $160
    Note: Fine amounts increase $5 for every 1 m.p.h. over 10
  • Failure to control speed $150
  • Red light violation $225
  • Stop sign violation $205
  • No valid drivers license $200
  • Drivers license violations; Includes failure to notify D.P.S. of address change $160
  • Expired Registration violations included paper tag violations $160
  • Passing school bus, loading or unloading $250
    Note: Any of the above traffic violations involving a school zone, or school vehicle, will result in an additional charge of $23
  • Inspection sticker or expired inspection sticker violations $160
  • Insurance (failure to maintain financial responsibility - first offense) $300
  • If insurance is obtained after the ticket date, you may pay a dismissal fee of $150 with 6 months proof of insurance
  • Seat belt violation (adult driver or passenger) $130
  • Seat belt violation - Child $200
  • Safety seat violation $200
  • Fail to yield right of way $160
Contesting Your Ticket
You have the right to a trial by judge or by jury. You may hire an attorney to represent you.