Dismissing a Case

Certain Cases Subject to Dismissal
Expired Driver's License, Expired Registration or Expired Inspection Sticker (if the Inspection Sticker is not more than 60 days expired) cases may be dismissed if you:
  • Renew the expired item(s) within 10 working days from the date of the ticket
  • Pay a $20 dismissal fee for each violation
You may mail the proof of renewal and dismissal fee prior to Court or you may bring these items to the payment window at the Court during business hours.

Charges of Failure to Establish Financial Responsibility (Insurance) and no Driver's License may be dismissed prior to Court upon presentation of proper evidence of financial responsibility or driver's license that was/were valid at the time that the citation was received. No fee is required. You may mail your proof prior to Court or bring these items to the payment window during business hours.