1. Purpose of the Court
  2. Our Mission Statement
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Purpose of the Dayton Municipal Court

The Municipal Court provides the City with enforcement of Class “C” misdemeanor criminal offenses and ordinance violations occurring within the city limits. The Municipal Court is responsible for maintaining accurate records of all cases, including arrest records, formal complaints, citation dispositions, state reporting, court costs, docket records, trial proceedings, show cause hearings and arraignments. The court duties also include processing appeals, issuing warrants for non-payment of outstanding fines, receiving all court documents and defendant correspondence, as well as balancing and closing of accounts, and preparing requisitions for purchasing. The Municipal Court is accountable for staying current with the changes in procedures and court costs that are submitted to the state during the Legislative Session.

Our Staff

Judge Alan Conner

Judge Alan Conner

Jennifer Billings - Court Admin

Jennifer Billings

Shawna Pafford - Court Clerk

Shawna Pafford

Brandon Davis - City Attorney

City Attorney

Julian Cruz - Warrants/Bailiff

Julian Cruz