Water & Wastewater

Mission Statement
It is the goal of these departments to provide safe potable water and sanitary sewer services with the fewest possible interruptions and to provide these services at the lowest possible cost to our customers.
Dayton Water Department Building
Maintenance Department
It is the responsibility of this department to repair damaged or failed deliver and/or collection lines. In relationship to potable water service line repairs, it may from time to time be necessary for water pressures to be dropped below 20 pounds per square inch. On these occasions it will be necessary for the department to cause the issuance of a "boil water notice."

Notices of this nature will be publicly announced on KSHN Radio (FM99.9), by the posting of signs, by posting on the City of Dayton's website and when practicable, by individual door hangers that will be place on the front door of impacted homes and/or businesses.

Subsequent to line repair and laboratory results confirming the acceptability of the water, impacted customers will again be notified, said notification advising the "boil water notice" is being rescinded.
Dayton Water Tower
Wastewater Treatment Facility
Water Department Facility
Water Treatment Facility
Operations Department
It is the responsibility of this department to operate and effect some repairs to the City's waste water treatment plant and also to its 3 potable water production facilities. Dayton's wastewater treatment plant was upgraded in 2010 and is now capable of handling sewer flows up to 4 million gallons per day. In the area of potable water, the City draws its water from 3 wells located at strategic points throughout the City.

These wells pump from a depth of 1,300 lineal feet and have a cumulative average daily production of 1.5 million gallons. Both the sanitary sewer plant and the potable water facilities are operated under the guidelines of and in compliance with TCEQ and EPA regulations.

More Information

Questions relating to either potable water and/or sanitary sewer may, during routine business hours, be directed to us at 936-257-1143.