The City of Dayton is a Home Rule Government (PDF), and operates under the Council/City Manager form of government. City staff works directly with the Council and other boards and commissions to ensure the City's primary goal - improving the quality of life for our residents - is being met.

Mayor & City Council

The City's government is led by a Mayor and 5 City Council members. All Council members are elected at large and serve the entire city, not a geographic precinct, though they run and serve in a particular seat or "place."  All positions serve 2 year terms, which are are staggered. The Mayor and Council Places 4 and 5 are up for election during odd numbered years and the places 1 through 3 during even numbered years. The mayor pro tem is appointed annually by fellow Council members. Although elected, Council members serve as volunteers and are not paid for their service.

Agendas & Minutes & Public Notices

In accordance with Texas State, Law the City of Dayton posts meeting agendas, minutes and public notices to the city's website at least 72 hours prior to a meeting. 

Boards & Committees

Boards and commissions fulfill an important role in city government by evaluating issues which affect our community and making recommendations to the City Council for needed action. Although most boards and commissions are advisory in nature, a few are decision-making entities.

City Elections

The City of Dayton holds City Council Elections in May and will on occasion hold City Charter Elections and Bond Elections as instructed by City Council. Learn more about upcoming City Elections, how and where to register, voting, and what is on the ballot.


The City of Dayton is broken up into three service areas to provide city services to our residents, Development Services, Public Safety Services and Administrative Services. These service area are made up of city departments and divisions which are responsible for the various activities that the City undertakes. If you have any questions or cannot find what you are looking for please give us a call at (936)258.2642.

Federal, State & Local Resources

Access useful information regarding federal, state and local resources including information on your elected officials.